Hi! Welcome to my blog! I have a few sub-blogs available, on the pages above. On the page “All About My Life” are the personal posts about what all’s happening in my life, On the page “Goals and Dreams” are my thoughts on (you guessed it) goals and dreams. On the page “Life On Dialysis” is where you can read about my dialysis treatments, the choices a dialysis patient must face, and other things about End Stage Renal Disease that you might find interesting. The pattern will continue with other pages as I see fit in the future. Please wander as you will, and read whatever you want to. 😀

What are your thoughts?

Wow. It’s been SEVEN MONTHS since I blogged last!

What’s been happening in those seven months? Well, I had gone practically blind with cataracts that got very bad very fast. That explains why I basically had to stop blogging. I couldn’t see a thing unless I had three pairs of reading glasses on and my nose to my computer screen. Over the past two months, though, I’ve had the cataracts removed from both eyes. Today is, in fact, only the second day after the second eye was done. I can already see nearly everything around me again! There’s still some slight swelling in the eye they just did, as is to be expected for the next few days, but it’s going down nicely. Now I hardly need reading glasses at all anymore! And I had just bought myself some nice titanium ones, too, with the uber-flexible frames, and some lovely matching beaded chains to wear them with! Oh, well. I’ll still need them occasionally. When I do, I’ll be stylin’!

Anyway, now that I can see again, I’ll be blogging again. It really does help to be able to see what you’re doing, you know? I’m intending to blog every day in October, about something or other. I’ll know more when I get more into the groove. I used to blog just about every day, after all. It’s not that difficult if you can see!

Welcome to my Brand New Blog

Hi, everyone! <insert picture of me smiling and waving and looking uber sexy> No, of course I had to describe that image. I don’t actually have such a picture.

I believe I will be much more careful with this blog than with my old blog, which will be discontinued at some time. By “much more careful”, I mean that I want this blog to have more of a theme to it, this time, and not be merely my rambling thoughts and nothing else. Which means structure.

Yeah, that’s right, you heard me. Structure. I plan to actually use structure in building this blog! Oh,  hey! Look out the window!

Flying pig hell freezing
Best check the weather in Hell … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)