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Hi! I’m Tammy. How you doing, pleasure to meet you, hope you like it here, etc. etc, and so forth. Is this where I tell about how I was raised by tall hobbits? Or how we would go out hunting castles on weekends? You have to be careful while stalking castles, you know. Some of them are tricky; there was this one castle hunt we went on, where we found all kinds of signs of a castle lurking about nearby, but when we finally found the castle’s lair, it was out!

Most castles do tend to stay where they’ve been put, though. At least, in theory.


So, I’m a writer. After the childhood I had, visiting around much of Europe and down to Greece, and from coast to coast of the USA, from the freezing Northeast to the hot, humid, subtropical climes of California and Florida, I’ve seen a lot of the country’s highways and byways. Anyone who’s seen that much scenery loves to paint pictures of it, and my medium is words.

This site will focus primarily on the Awesomesauce that is MEEE! Because the world can’t have too much of a good thing, you know? Am I right, or am I right, right? Right? I know I’m right!

No, not really. I’m not that self-centered and egomaniacal, when it comes down to it. I’ll keep y’all informed of what’s going on in my life, yes, but I’ll try to keep the MEEE-centric updates to only once a week, if that. All other posts should be related to things like goals, or writing,  or reviews of books I’ve been reading, or maybe even some fun with fiber arts! Woohoo! It should be interesting to more than just myself, or at least, that’s my hope.

What are your thoughts?

What Is This I Can’t Even

Puppies. I need puppies. Or kittens. Oh, look, here’s a kitten!

10507914_703575136377815_1338557168_a1Tammy | Tammy J Rizzo

And here is a page full of puppies! Click on the image!

2013-07-02-19-05-15-225x300Tammy | Tammy J Rizzo


I needed a smile today.


It’s officially chilly now.

That’s because it’s cooler outside than it is in the house most nights now, and sometimes even during the daytime, even with the A/C still on. As a result of this, I have moved my oxygen condenser back into my room, from where it had been in the dining room all summer. That thing puts out an astounding amount of heat, and is incredibly noisy. At first, I couldn’t deal with the noise, and the heat was outrageous, but now, as it’s getting cooler and sometimes even frosty outside and we still have the air conditioner going in the house, I want the heat. And after six months, we’re all used to the noise now. I no longer even try to breathe in time to the rhythm of the machine, which is good because it “breathes” too slow for me to follow along. And no more tripping over the line in the hallway for my sisters! WOOHOO! Almost a “win-win” solution! I wonder how long it’ll be before Michelle notices? Hmmm. My other sister noticed right away, what with the noises in the hall as I was shifting the machine. But Michelle had her Netflix going, and there’s no telling if she has any clue yet at all. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes her. 🙂

Six Reasons Why You shouldn’t Dress Cats in Halloween Costumes | Cat Behavior Associates

As a long-time and frequent cat parent, it frankly scares me that people would actually want to inflict costumes on their kitties. Here is an article with some excellent reasons why this really isn’t a wonderful idea. If you have a cat, please read this article!

Halloween is coming and costumes are on the minds of many people. Parents are helping their children pick out the perfect ones or they’re channeling their inner

Source: Six Reasons Why You shouldn’t Dress Cats in Halloween Costumes | Cat Behavior Associates

JRR Tolkien’s Legend of Middle Earth Love Set for Publication

I grew up with J. R. R. Tolkien. Not literally, of course; by the time I was thrust all unprepared into the world of Middle Earth, the man was quite old already. Ancient-seeming, to an 8-year-old girl, which is when my parents first sat us kids down with The Hobbit and forever changed my life. By the time I was twelve, I had re-read The Hobbit several times. and had read The Lord of the Ring all on my own about eight times (which reminds me, it’s time for another re-re-re-read again). I did book reports on it at almost every school I went to, and as an Army brat, I went to a LOT of different schools. My mother was reading The Lord of the Rings when I was only two and a half, when she was so enthralled in the books that she couldn’t put the volume down to feed me and my 10-month-old brother. “You can make a peanut butter sandwich, can’t you?” Yes, the book was so powerful that she allowed me, barely out of toddlerhood, to play in the kitchen with peanut butter and bread and jelly and who knows what else, and she doesn’t tell about what kind of mess we made for her to clean up eventually. But she does admit to neglecting us because of that book.

That was probably when I decided I had to learn how to read, if Mommy could be so spellbound by a book! One of my first memories was of sitting at the bookshelf, with my dad’s college zoology book open on my lap, sounding out (badly) “paramecium” and “flagellate”. By the time I started kindergarten at five, I was reading on a sixth-grade level, and I’ve been a voracious reader ever since. And even though I had been reading for most of my life by the time I was eight, I was completely and totally unprepared for when it came to be our turn to experience Middle Earth. From my first immersion onward, I’ve looked at woods differently, seeking the Elves I knew were hiding somewhere in there, just beyond my perception. I waited for my hobbit foot-hair to sprout, convinced that the family was all hobbits anyway; after all, we were short, stout, and loved good food and company. Isn’t that the definition of a hobbit?!

After devouring the Lord of the Ring (and going back for seconds, thirds, and even more servings, as any good hobbit child would do), I sampled The Silmarilion, hoping for more magic from the Master of Middle Earth. The stories in that volume were a bit beyond me at the time, but I still remember some bits and pieces, and still love it. And now comes this amazing and wonderful news, for which I’m quite thrilled, not only as a long-time lover of Middle Earth and Tolkien’s work (father AND son), but also since the book will include several iterations of the legend, and that’s invaluable to me as a writer, seeing how the tale grew and changed and became what Aragorn passed along to the hobbits in The Fellowship of the Ring, while they were camping on their way to Weathertop. And don’t get me started on the movies; with the exception of the Great Anduin river, which was wider than a strong bowshot, the movies’ visuals are spot on to how I’d pictured Middle Earth. I love them!

Anyway, here’s the link to the article about this new Tolkien volume being released soon:

Berein and Luthien to receive their own volume

Source: JRR Tolkien’s Legend of Middle Earth Love Set for Publication

Remember those great old games you used to love?

Those games you used to play on your computer, way back in the Windows 98 days? The games you still miss because they were just too awesome for words, and they wouldn’t play anymore past Windows XP? Yeah, those games.

Well, don’t wallow in despair anymore about missing those games! There’s a site, (stands for Great Old Games!) where you might be able to find a version of those great old games that WORKS on your new Windows 10 computer! Many of the games have also been properly ported over for Mac machines, and several have even been ported for Linux! is constantly having sales, too! So, for instance, if you just can’t live anymore without the gloriously 8-bit artwork of Masters of Orion, which hasn’t worked for just ages, has the original Masters of Orion 1 and 2 for under $2.00! Together!

You want Heroes of Might and Magic back? They’ve got it! Silent Service, the classic submarine warfare game? Bingo! It’s worth a look if you remember all those wonderful games you knew and loved way back when. That’s where I’ll be spending some time over the next few days, because I’ve bought many of those games from, and now that I can SEE again, I’m gonna be loading them and playing them! I think I’ll start with Masters of Orion, because I love science fiction. 🙂

I’ll see y’all around soon, though. I’m still planning to blog several times every week, if not every day.

Do You Know That Feeling When …

That Feeling When. Most of us know that #TFW means That Feeling When. It’s shorthand on Twitter and other social media.

And most of us know #TFW you’ve done something foolish and just realized it too late, like perhaps having that watermelon two miles from the nearest toilet was probably not the wisest thing you’ve ever done, or #TFW you turned in your test and then remembered that question you passed over to come back to but never came back to it, or #TFW you realized that you had just quoted Yoda to the one person in the world who’s never seen Star Wars.

Or, for me, #TFW I realize that the day is more than half over and I still have to write something for my blog, and I have nothing to write about!

Then again, there’s also #TFW you pull some sort of blog post out of your proverbial back pocket, like Sims pull fireworks out of their “back pockets” (that’s what it says in the book, but the animation looks like they’re pulling things out of their asses!) in any of the Sims games. Like now. I feel like I managed something cool, now.

Of course, tomorrow I’ll still need to pull something else out of my “back pocket” all over again ….

Canals of the World, Photographed from Space

When I was a teenager, we lived in the Netherlands for a year and a half, give or take. We lived for much of that time just off of a little canal that was just off of the “grand” canal of Leeuwarden, the main city of the province of Friesland. Our grand canal emptied into the ocean not many miles from the city. We used to take bread down to the canal and feed the ducks, who lived there summer and winter, not migrating away south for the colder months, because everyone fed them all year round. Living as we did so close to the grand canal, I was reminded of my youth when I saw this article on, with pictures of various canals as seen from space. My grand canal isn’t there, but that’s okay; the pictures are stunning, and quite lovely!

People who say that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space tend to forget that more than half of the Netherlands is man-made, too, reclaimed from the ocean bottom itself. That’s right, a whole country in Europe is almost entirely man-made! And you can certainly see it from space!

Anyway, here’s the article I found. Just follow the link:


We have a host of modern-day gongoozlers here at Planet. From behind our computer screens we can observe a ton of activity in canals. It’s…

Source: Canals of the World, Photographed from Space – Planet Stories – Medium

My Review of V.E. Schwabb’s A GATHERING OF SHADOWS

AGOScoverI finished A GATHERING OF SHADOWS the other day, after taking my time to savor each and every word. It did add about ten days to my usual reading time, but it was WORTH IT! You can read my full review at, and I hope you do. If you want to vote on it, you have to read it there.

For those who don’t want to vote on it, the TL;DR version of is goes something like this:


What books have YOU read that have swept you off your feet, demanding time to digest and properly wallow in them?

Our Cat Is A Forgiving Soul

Not only did we take her to the vet today, but I had to give her a dose of medicine when we got home. And yet, she’s still wanting to hand around near me! Imagine that! Okay, she’s doing her best to avoid me petting her, but she’s hanging around in my room with me, anyway.

Dosing her with the medicine (a liquid steroid for her asthma) was not fun for either of us, but I think I found a way that’s less stressful for us both. If I grab Amelia by the scruff of the neck, she will let me set her on my lap on her back, with her paws up. This would be fantastic for trimming those hard-to-get back claws, too! If I have a helper to actually hold her head still, while still holding the scruff of her neck, I can get the dose down her throat quickly and fairly easily.

The trouble is, all of my helpers are still asleep. Oh well, we can try this again tonight, for her second daily dose.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Amelia, looking coy, the little flirt!

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille!
I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille!