Do You Know That Feeling When …

That Feeling When. Most of us know that #TFW means That Feeling When. It’s shorthand on Twitter and other social media.

And most of us know #TFW you’ve done something foolish and just realized it too late, like perhaps having that watermelon two miles from the nearest toilet was probably not the wisest thing you’ve ever done, or #TFW you turned in your test and then remembered that question you passed over to come back to but never came back to it, or #TFW you realized that you had just quoted Yoda to the one person in the world who’s never seen Star Wars.

Or, for me, #TFW I realize that the day is more than half over and I still have to write something for my blog, and I have nothing to write about!

Then again, there’s also #TFW you pull some sort of blog post out of your proverbial back pocket, like Sims pull fireworks out of their “back pockets” (that’s what it says in the book, but the animation looks like they’re pulling things out of their asses!) in any of the Sims games. Like now. I feel like I managed something cool, now.

Of course, tomorrow I’ll still need to pull something else out of my “back pocket” all over again ….