It’s officially chilly now.

That’s because it’s cooler outside than it is in the house most nights now, and sometimes even during the daytime, even with the A/C still on. As a result of this, I have moved my oxygen condenser back into my room, from where it had been in the dining room all summer. That thing puts out an astounding amount of heat, and is incredibly noisy. At first, I couldn’t deal with the noise, and the heat was outrageous, but now, as it’s getting cooler and sometimes even frosty outside and we still have the air conditioner going in the house, I want the heat. And after six months, we’re all used to the noise now. I no longer even try to breathe in time to the rhythm of the machine, which is good because it “breathes” too slow for me to follow along. And no more tripping over the line in the hallway for my sisters! WOOHOO! Almost a “win-win” solution! I wonder how long it’ll be before Michelle notices? Hmmm. My other sister noticed right away, what with the noises in the hall as I was shifting the machine. But Michelle had her Netflix going, and there’s no telling if she has any clue yet at all. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes her. 🙂