Remember those great old games you used to love?

Those games you used to play on your computer, way back in the Windows 98 days? The games you still miss because they were just too awesome for words, and they wouldn’t play anymore past Windows XP? Yeah, those games.

Well, don’t wallow in despair anymore about missing those games! There’s a site, (stands for Great Old Games!) where you might be able to find a version of those great old games that WORKS on your new Windows 10 computer! Many of the games have also been properly ported over for Mac machines, and several have even been ported for Linux! is constantly having sales, too! So, for instance, if you just can’t live anymore without the gloriously 8-bit artwork of Masters of Orion, which hasn’t worked for just ages, has the original Masters of Orion 1 and 2 for under $2.00! Together!

You want Heroes of Might and Magic back? They’ve got it! Silent Service, the classic submarine warfare game? Bingo! It’s worth a look if you remember all those wonderful games you knew and loved way back when. That’s where I’ll be spending some time over the next few days, because I’ve bought many of those games from, and now that I can SEE again, I’m gonna be loading them and playing them! I think I’ll start with Masters of Orion, because I love science fiction. 🙂

I’ll see y’all around soon, though. I’m still planning to blog several times every week, if not every day.