Anything new going on?

So here I am, sitting at dialysis, wondering what I should blog about. The humanitarian crises in the Northwest, the Gulf and the Caribbean? The awfulness in Las Vegas? The horrors in DC?

What can I possibly have to say about any of these that others haven’t already said better than I could? Most of my thoughts and feelings are already out there, on other people’s timelines, anyway. What can you say when you don’t have anything original to add to the conversation?

All I can do right now is either lash out at the world, or fall back on my faith in God, that all these trials and tribulations will somehow be turned towards good.

In all fairness, most people are doing all that they can to help, even in the smallest way. This is certainly restoring my faith in humanity! While I can’t give much in funds, I would if I could. Once my limited funds are gone, at least I can signal boost to get the word out there. That’s a help, isn’t it?

I’m getting a bit discouraged because there’s so much need for so much more than I can do. I have to remind myself that all I am capable of is enough for my part. Nothing less will be sufficient, though. Physically, with my health problems, there’s not much I can do, and fiscally, there’s even less. It’s so frustrating! I can’t even give blood because I don’t have enough red blood cells for my own body.

Do you have any suggestions for how I can help?