ROW80 Update Number Ummm

The writing challenge that knows you have a life!
The writing challenge that knows you have a life!

I’ve been a bit busy this past week, or week and a half, or whenever it was I last updated. For one thing, I’ve been trying to migrate my blog from its previous, multi-blog site, with a different host and a plethora of problems, to a single-blog site with my new host. I’ve finally had to realize that there ain’t gonna be no migration, but that I’m going to have to actually build this new blog from scratch. <massive sigh> But that’s okay! I was wanting a new look and feel, and this is the chance to do that, right?

I’ve also been just a wee bit busy this past week being miserable sick and throwing up and in pain, and all that fun stuff. I went to the ER for it all on Thursday. They ruled out just about everything they could, and finally narrowed it down to most likely a stomach ulcer. I’ve had them before, and know how to deal with them, but I didn’t recognize the symptoms because the pain wasn’t where I thought it should be. Anyway, I’m treating it, and feeling much better now, but, yeah, for most of the week, I wasn’t feeling up to doing anything.

Anyway, my ROW80 update: umm, yeah, didn’t do anything, too busy barfing, then too busy just resting afterwards.

On a high note, though, I learned in the ER that my hemoglobin had come up to 8.6%! WOOHOO! Two weeks before that, it had been at 7.4%, which is low enough to get a transfusion at the ER. I know; I asked for one on Thursday, since I was there anyway for my stomach, so they tested my blood levels and typed my blood, and came back to tell me the good news!