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This past week has just flown by! Thursday, we had a party for my sister and my sister-in-law, who had birthdays earlier in the week. Thursday happens to be the one day that all of us are available. It’s my brother’s “Saturday”, it’s not a dialysis day for me or my sister, and my brother’s kids are schooling at home, so there’s leeway there. Although, the kids ARE on a schedule for their classes, or I wouldn’t need to get up before dawn to go walking with my sister-in-law before her kids’ classes start. I don’t know if we’ll get to it this coming week – we had to change the days last week, and she forgot, so on the day, there I was, dark and early, sitting waiting, and she had forgotten. The next scheduled day, there I was, dark and early, sitting and waiting (she’s supposed to come get me), and when I checked in with her, it was raining, so no go. Walking in the rain at dawn is kind of unpleasant, after all. And I still can’t go very far, even if I have gotten used to the weight of my oxygen canister over my shoulder. And my cane. I can make it to the bleachers and in front of the whole set of bleachers, then I have to turn around and go back. Plus there’s sitting on the bleachers a couple of times to rest. But hey, WHEN we get out there, it’s still movement, more than I would normally get. I consider being ready (as I was) to be a goal met, though.

On my other goals, though, there’s some small movement. I have a paragraph in my Evil Overlord’s POV in a note he wrote to his daughter, outlining what she needed to look for in a consort who could finally take over for him. It’s not much movement, but it’s a little bit, and gives me a tiny bit of insight into my Evil Overlord’s personality. That’s important. It’s still conflict even if it’s one-sided, right? He’s all for it, and very supportive of these upstarts he’s so carefully infected with unrest, after all. It’s not HIS fault that they’re seeing a fight where there really isn’t one, right? And his daughter’s playing both sides together, trying to see which of the upstarts she fancies most as a co-ruler with her. And the upstarts don’t know any of this.

I need some upstarts.

I finished off my 50th book yesterday, in my reading challenge, so I finished it with almost two and a half months to spare! WOOT! And that was with taking almost a month to read a couple of those books. Each. Now I just have books to read and review, but there’s no rush on any of them. And I won’t be doing much reading in November, anyway, shooting for word count as I will be. My daily word count, for my own reasons (avoiding burn-out), is 500 words a day in November. However, since I want to write it on this year, for my own reasons (cool badges!), I’ll try each day to get 750 words. Some of ’em, though, won’t be for the book, so that’s the difference.

Okay, then, that’s my update. How was your week?


    1. Tammy

      Thank you, Jennette! My niece is named Jeanette. 🙂 I like the sound of that name, however it’s spelled!
      You keep doing what you can, and that’s pretty much all you can do, right?

  1. Transitions can be tricky – like dawn walking in the rain. The kids and I walk at dawn sometimes, and it’s lovely to see the light grow and feel the air changing.

    A definite benefit of unschooling is there’s no need for me to schedule things around classes. At 15 and 12, both kids are very independent learners…we share what they want, but both spend lots of time on their own.

    Sometimes, it’s those tiny bits of writing that give the richest insights. Hooray for yours!

    It was a transitional week for me, too.

    May next week flow a bit more smoothly, and with even more goodness!

    1. Tammy

      Thank you, Shan! Dawn today was lovely, even if it does come at an ungodly hour when the sun’s not even UP yet! I got pictures while waiting for my sister-in-law. And I was able to walk a little farther today without needing to sit and rest a moment! WOOHOO!
      I was misinformed, or misunderstood, the kids’ schooling. They’re attending a virtual school, with actual teachers and actual class hours. They just attend online at home. So there is still class time to schedule around, but no bullying (which was the main problem the kids were having at school). My sister-in-law is considering going to unschooling next year, because the class schedules for her youngest are insane, and he’s only eight! She said there may be some changes coming for the teachers, though.

  2. Life always have unexpected surprises. Popping up saying hello. One step at the time, I think you’ll get a bit stronger.

    Fall is a wonderful thing, that’s when the bears are scrounging around for food, so they can sleep through the winter. I will have to look for some long dried grass for my dogs bedding along with spruce boughs. Finding spruce boughs would be interesting, long as wolves are not lurking close by.

    50th book read, my a fast reader indeed. I’m a slow reader, though I like to take my sweet time digest every word.

    Mine is not too bad, did a bit writing. I finally figured out what to do with my female character. Wrote in my notebook, drank some tea. Writing can be twitchy at times.

    1. Tammy

      Thank you, Barry! How have you been? Bears scrounging around, huh? Must be fun to watch. Do you ever put food out for them, or is that a stupid thing to do? Do spruce boughs help keep biting insects away from your dogs?
      As for my reading speed, I like to savor some books, and it can take me a long time, a week or more, to read a book I’m savoring. Other books just pull me right in and there’s no stopping for smelling the flowers then! 😀
      I’m glad you got a bit of writing in. That’s great! And you’re right, writing can be so twitchy. Enjoy the cool, tea-drinking weather! 😀

      1. I am doing all right, drinking tea, and will head to the coffee shop which is now morphed into a mini snack shop. I made a typo of my Sunday’s check-in, mistyped it as midweek check-in. 😛
        Feeding bears is unwise thing to do. When a bear wanders into town, its often shot. Spruce boughs are used to keep the dog warm during the winter. For the winter climate, I had to look for the right kind of dried grass, the type that would keep the dog warm. Temperature can drop from minus thirty to minus forty five.
        Last year, I used the wrong boughs, pine boughs. Spruce boughs are comfortable for the dog, less pokey. And it will keep snow from accumulating inside his dog house.

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