It’s been way too long.

I haven’t posted anything here in months. It’s not that nothing has been happening in my life, it’s just that I haven’t felt able to write anything since the election last year. I’ve felt besieged since Trump was handed the election and started trying to get his policies into place. As a disabled woman on dialysis, I am stuck in the middle of the many groups of people he’s been targeting for attacks. It’s been overwhelming. We shouldn’t have to call our reps every day to beg them not to kill us all!

I guess, though, that I’m doing a little better now, because I’ve been wanting to post again for a few days.

So maybe I’ll be posting more often than I had been doing before. I like to think that I still have a few readers, and that I can maybe find some more again.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of our two new kittens!