Today I have my dialysis graft worked on again.

This is when I go up to the vascular access clinic and they work on my access. They give me some dye into my IV, and use an x-ray-type camera to watch how it flows, looking for obstructions in the graft, that might impede blood flow. If they find any–and they always find some on my graft–they will give me a painkiller (WHEE!) and then thread a small balloon into my graft and inflate it, to squish the obstruction out of the way. Then they’ll pull out the balloon, stitch me up (usually one suture; it’s a tiny balloon thing), let me sober up for a bit, and send me merrily on my way home. And I’ll be merry, because the stuff they give me doesn’t all come out in my non-functioning kidneys. I’m often pretty happy until dialysis the next day washes the last of the stuff from my system.

In any case, I have learned from experience not to post between this procedure and dialysis. So tomorrow’s post will come later in the day. See y’all then!